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Check out the Annapolis Valley Chapter of Autism NS SHOWCASE Facebook group! We've created a place to highlight the unique talents of our friends with special needs, and to provide an opportunity for positive connections with one another.  Note: This group is not exclusive to autism. (Click on the graphic above to be directed to the Showcase.)
Do you like to sing or write or draw? Do you play a musical instrument? Do you dance? Do you have a unique hobby or special interest? Do you have a favourite book you’d like to share? Have you recently mastered a new skill or accomplished something you’re really proud of? Do you like to garden or cook or bake? Are you good at sports? Can you do magic tricks? Would you like to show us a picture of your pet or maybe share a joke? Are you into arts & crafts? Do you knit or crochet or sew? Are you an expert slime-maker? Do you make amazing Lego creations? Or would you just like to say “hi” to friends you may be missing right now? Whatever it might be, we would really like to see what you have to share.  We'd love to see photos and videos that showcase YOU!
We encourage individuals of all ages to contribute. Anyone with a special need is invited to make a post. If your son or daughter is unable to use social media, we welcome parents to share their child’s accomplishments with us.
We hope that this provides a unique opportunity for our community to stay connected during this uncertain time.  Please share widely so we can reach people in all parts of the Valley and beyond. And please let those who may not use Facebook know that they can email their contributions to and we’ll be sure to post to the Showcase group.